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How Online Education may Affect Us In The Future

Written by Melissa Mauro
How Online Education may Affect Us In The Future
Advantages and Disadvantages of online education.

Since the dawn of the internet, online education has only been growing with every year bringing in more and more eager students studying from the comfort of their homes. During the global pandemic, students of all ages have had to join in with e-learning out of no choice of their own.

It’s hard to say what the effects on our society will be in the long run. Will we switch to e-learning altogether or will we combine different learning methods? Unquestionably there are both advantages and disadvantages to online learning, especially for young kids.

Advantage: Convenience and Flexibility

The first and probably the most obvious advantage to online learning is the fact that it is very convenient and flexible. E-learning has proven to be quite efficient too. As it can be accessed almost from anywhere at any time. Younger students can be studying from their own homes without having to stress about negative social interactions.

At the same time, parents can be more certain that their children are receiving the best kind of education by attending a few online classes with their child. Moreover, your child can be studying in a virtual classroom full of students from all over the world. An experience that wouldn’t be possible for many families in an offline environment.

Disadvantage: Isolation and Virtual Distance

On the other hand, the lack of social interactions (whether negative or positive) can lead to the student feeling isolated due to the virtual distance between the child and the teacher. Online learning means that your child won’t be surrounded by their classmates and the teacher won’t be standing right in front of them. A situation not every child will be able to handle.

Even if your kid is fine with an online setup, the consequences of online learning maybe not be visible in the short term. Your child might not be able to develop the right social skills if they aren’t spending enough time with their peers. Likewise, they could be scared of adults too.

Advantage: A Personalised, Individual Approach

Speaking of learning in a regular classroom, the issue with an approach like this means that the teacher doesn’t have enough time to get to every single student separately. This means that the teacher can’t truly know all your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Which, in turn, leads to the teacher having the same approach to every single student.

On the other hand, online learning offers a unique opportunity for your child to get a personalised, individual approach from the teacher (or teachers) they study with. This is especially true for one-on-one online classes. Meaning the teacher can dedicate all of their attention to your child.

Disadvantage: Special Skills Required

As mentioned earlier, some children actually like having an e-learning setup for one reason or another. However, many kids don’t, especially when it comes to younger students who usually have a hard time keeping their attention on a single matter for long periods of time. This is why teachers need to be more persistent with them, particularly in a digital setup.

In addition to that, there are certain skills your kid needs to have to be able to manage online learning as well as they would offline, regular learning. They need to be self-disciplined and need to have some basic organisational skills. They need to be able to stop procrastinating and instead become an independent, active learner. As a parent, you will also need to dedicate enough time on helping your child study. Maybe even more than they would for usual classes.

Final Thoughts

All in all, online education definitely has a wide variety of advantages that many e-learners are already benefiting. Younger students can become pretty good online students. Precautions need to be taken to avoid having a bad experience due to an over-reliance on e-learning.

Melissa Mauro is a freelance writer who creates quality and original content. She is working for the company Best Writers Online writing services review. She believes that creativity and improvement are things, which distinguish a good writer. 

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